poetry, prayer

And Yet We Wait: An Advent Prayer

Last week, Lord, we gathered and gave thanks,
tasting your goodness,
wondering at the laden table,
holding tight to hands we love.

Today, we rise to empty rooms,
scatter back to distant homes,
savor simpler, sparser meals.

So much seems lost,
so much postponed,
so much beyond recall.

And yet we wait,
not failing nor forgetting,
not rushing nor delaying,
but welcoming the change we cannot see.

For daily bread, O God,
for the kingdom here and coming:
for you, our bread, our king,
we wait.



A Thanksgiving Prayer

Beautiful Savior,
let us rest today in the symmetry of grace:
teach us to trust before we see the fruit,
to celebrate the ever-promised harvest,
but also, Lord, to notice what has come:
the heavy branch, the sweet windfall,
the lover’s voice, the reconciled friend.

And as we come, your wistful people,
fill our works and words with grace:
the beauty of a mother with her child,
the strength of a father’s laugh,
the bustle of a crowded table,
the wisdom of an athlete in his race,
the skill of a spider with her web,
the trust in the eyes of a loyal hound,
the ache in the hands that have done good work.

Clumsy and fretting, we stumble into you.
O God of our Thanksgiving, give us grace.